Active Directory Setup and Migration

At Kloud45, we understand the importance of efficiently migrating all your important data to a centralized location, which can be easily accessed. Whether you want a directory that supports 500 people or 5000 people, we can assist you with everything. Right from planning and installation to successful deployment and post-installation support, our active directory setup process is aimed to provide end-to-end services. We provide –

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Our professionals will thoroughly analyze your active directory migration needs and carry out a detailed evaluation. This helps in choosing the best possible option to safeguard your digital information from unauthorized access.

Pre-installation Planning
We also provide efficient pre-installation planning, which helps you to identify and deploy the right templates. This ensures smooth functioning once the active directory setup and migration is complete.

Our professionals will successfully carry out step-by-step deployment of the active directory migration and ensure that all your data is carefully migrated, without any errors. So, once you partner with us, you can be assured of quick active directory set up services.

Post-deployment Support
We also provide prompt post-deployment support in cases of any sort of complications. Our professionals will leverage advanced tools to rectify any flaws and ensure that the system functions normally.

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